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Redefining performance in a midi excavator of this size, the ViO82 delivers maximum stability and exceptional lifting strength, even in confined urban work environments. The powerful and environmentally friendly engine comes with an electronic control unit, while the new-generation ViPPS2i® hydraulic system ensures smooth and precise operation. A large, comfortable cabin includes many ergonomic touches to minimise fatigue and maximise productivity, and there’s straightforward access to working components for easy maintenance and servicing.


The ViO82 can go where other machines in its class can’t, and is particularly effective along walls in confined urban sites. It’s a true zero tail swing midi excavator, with neither the counterweight nor the front part of the upper frame projecting beyond the track width. Its size, smooth swing and excellent visibility with minimal blind spot mean that the safety of other on-site workers is never compromised. In addition, the X-shaped box-section structure of the undercarriage provides excellent torsional stiffness and the frame is designed to be ultra-robust.


The hydraulic system of the ViO82 is based on the aggregated power regulation of two independent variable flow piston pumps and a multiple combination directional control valve. The pumps are controlled individually according to the load and supply only the required quantity of hydraulic fluid for the task in hand. This reduces operator fatigue and minimises loss of hydraulic pressure, even during combined operations of arm and boom, thereby ensuring smooth and simultaneous performance across all operations.


Yanmar’s patented VICTAS® system provides increased support surface and extra tracking through the use of asymmetric crawlers. This innovative system also reduces track degradation, makes displacements quieter and reduces vibration, thereby reducing operator tiredness and making the machine more durable. With the help of the large counterweight and excellent weight distribution, this model matches or exceeds the stability of others in its weight class while demonstrating its exceptional lifting capacity.


The operator is at the forefront of considerations when it comes to design, with the roomy interior boasting an array of clever features. The air-suspended seat with headrest is fitted as standard and offers exceptional comfort for a machine of this class. There are adjustable wrist supports as well. Both the wide travel pedals and hydraulic control levers are fluid and easy to use, with the latter offering exceptional movement precision, a big advantage over long days on challenging work sites.


A proven four-cylinder engine delivers net power of 39.3 kW at 1,900 rpm and features direct injection and a common rail system. At the same time, it delivers impressive fuel economy and offers a range of eco-friendly features, ensuring that it meets all EU standards for emissions. These include cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), which greatly reduces nitrogen oxides, plus diesel particulate filter (DPF) for cleaner exhaust emissions. In addition, an exclusive regeneration system helps prevent clogging and cleaning down-time.


To optimise engine load, save on fuel and maximise productivity, an electronic control unit manages the rpm according to the torque. Advanced features that come as standard include an eco-mode feature to effectively control the engine speed and deliver even lower fuel consumption, in addition to reducing operating costs. Eco-mode is particularly effective in low-power and low-speed-of-movement scenarios. Also standard is an auto-deceleration system. This switches the engine to idle if the operator doesn’t touch the operating levers for four seconds.


Two auxiliary hydraulic lines come as standard on the ViO82. These offer proportional control and fine adjustment via joystick, adapting the hydraulic flow of oil to the requirements of each attachment and giving the operator perfect control at all times. The machine also has an automatic second speed for long displacements, while a power switch keeps it in first gear for challenging workplace operations such as ascending slopes.


Like all Yanmar machines, the ViO82 has an excellent reputation for quality and durability. Five hoods and openings ensure excellent accessibility to components for easy daily checks and fast maintenance and cleaning. The structure of the undercarriage and steel components also aids protection and ensures longer service life. Even the hose routing on the working equipment has been chosen for added durability. Measures such as these reduce downtime of the machine, increase service level and reduce total cost of ownership.

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