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The ViO50-6B is designed to provide true peace of mind, especially in urban environments where space is limited, and when working along walls. This zero tail swing machine also features a ViPPS hydraulic system for smooth, powerful performance. Numerous design features assist with easy maintenance, as does the optional SmartAssist Remote. All undercarriage components have been upgraded to further increase the durability of this rugged machine.


As a true zero tail swing machine, neither the counterweight nor the front part of the upper frame of the ViO50-6B project beyond the track width. This also means it has a very small turning radius. The rear blind spot has also been reduced to a minimum. These features all serve to improve safety for operators and other on-site workers alike. The design of the undercarriage helps reduce the machine height to just 2.54 m, which facilitates transportation of the machine. It also improves the ground clearance to 345 mm.


The advanced 28.3 kW TNV engine is equipped with direct injection to create clean burning power. The engine is also equipped with a common rail system to allow fine-tuned electronic control of fuel injection. The Yanmar engine is fully compliant with EU Stage V emission requirements, thanks to cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) which drastically reduces nitrogen oxide emissions. In addition, the diesel particulate filter (DPF) helps clean up exhaust emissions. We have also developed an exclusive regeneration system to combat clogging and reduce cleaning down-time.


Fully-electronic control provides intelligent power and manoeuvrability, with drive motors shifting automatically up and down depending upon the effort required. The operator is thus always provided with the best solution in terms of speed or pushing force, making operation easier. Eco-mode effectively controls the motor speed, which is reduced by 300 rpm, thereby reducing fuel consumption. If the operator doesn’t touch the operating levers for four seconds, the engine drops back to idle. This results in better fuel consumption and reduced noise and emissions.


The ViO50-6B uses a ViPPS hydraulic system consisting of one double variable displacement piston pump and two gear pumps. These three main pumps totalise a maximum flow of 132.8 l/min, available for main machine operating movements. Pump flows are cumulated in the main control valves to obtain the optimal combination of speed, power, smoothness and balance. The ViPPS system thus allows smooth and simultaneous performance of all operations, even when travelling.


The ergonomically designed cabin is luxurious and spacious, with a generous entrance and plenty of leg room. Welcome touches that help reduce operator fatigue include an adjustable wrist rest and a seat with pneumatic suspension. Three rear-view mirrors aid the excellent all-round visibility and promote safety. A translation lever with folding pedals also allows more operator space and therefore comfort, and all control levers are located for ease and precision of movement.


All undercarriage components have been upgraded, which increases durability and reduces total cost of ownership. In particular, the X-shaped box-section structure of the undercarriage provides excellent torsional stiffness, while the frame is designed for maximum resilience. The box-like structure of the boom enhances the durability and service life of this component as well, and the boom’s base and swing post have been strengthened too. All cylinder tubes and rods in the boom are protected by a unique spring-type steel plate, which greatly aids durability.


The ViO50-6B is equipped with a digital interface which informs the operator in real time about the status of the machine and assists with servicing planning (although the machine can go a long time between services). Daily maintenance has additionally been made simple – there’s one easy-to-open engine bonnet and the right-hand side cover is mounted on one hinge to open easily too. This gives access to all major elements, such as the air filter, radiator, battery, fuel tank and much else. In addition, a flat floor mat makes cleaning easier.