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Optimise performance in confined areas, thanks to the ultra-compact structure of this true zero tail swing machine. Despite its size, the advanced engine still packs a real punch while delivering impressive fuel consumption. Ergonomic design ensures real comfort for the operator, with fingertip controls for smooth precision of movement. Other big pluses include the advanced protection features and exceptional stability, along with optional SmartAssist Remote to aid security, maintenance and fleet management.



With a swing radius of just 2,875 mm and a very small turning radius, the ViO38-6 offers exceptional compactness when compared to the competition. In addition, neither the counterweight nor the front part of the upper frame project beyond the track width. This makes it a true zero tail swing machine and enhances safety for the operator and other on-site workers alike. It also provides real peace of mind when working along walls, and in any urban environment where space is limited.


A big advantage of the ViO38-6 in terms of lower fuel consumption and eco-footprint while still offering great performance is its 3TNV88-ESBV engine. This has an output of 18.9 kW at 2,200 rpm, while a control unit optimises the engine loading. An auto-deceleration system fitted as standard sets the engine to idle if the operator doesn’t touch the operating levers for 4 seconds. In addition, eco-mode reduces engine speed by 300 rpm, further lowering fuel consumption.


For optimum power, speed, smoothness and balance, the ViO38-6 features a ViPPS hydraulic system. This configuration uses a double, variable displacement piston pump, plus two gear pumps. These three key pumps totalise a maximum flow of 100,2 l/min, available for main machine operating movements, cumulated in the main control valves. The ViPPS system thus delivers smooth and co-ordinated performance across all operations, even while travelling, making a real difference to work rates.


A great deal of thought has gone into ensuring operator comfort, from the large entrance door through to the generously sized cabin and plentiful legroom. Standard features include an adjustable wrist rest and a fully adjustable air suspension seat with headrest to reduce body tension and fatigue. The translation lever comes with folding pedals to allow more operator space. Three rear view mirrors aid 360-degree visibility, while new electronic instrumentation, improved ergonomics and optional air conditioning all aid operator comfort.


Control levers are handily located for exceptional movement precision, while the boom swing benefits from proportional control via the proportional switch located on the right-hand joystick. A second speed switch located on the blade lever also makes the machine easier to use. In addition, the ViO38-6 features an auxiliary hydraulic circuit which is operated via a proportional control mechanism located on the joystick. This adapts the overall flow and direction of the oil flow.


A wealth of clever design features combine to make the ViO38-6 exceptionally stable, resulting in excellent lifting force capacity. These include a very low centre of gravity, plus a long undercarriage that also ensures a smoother ride. Optimal mass distribution means that the loading chart of the machine can be improved in most positions. The boom has also been completely redesigned in order to further improve lifting capacity and digging performance, and to provide longer service life.


Advanced protection features help to make the ViO38-6 highly reliable and to reduce the total cost of ownership. These include a comprehensive system to preserve its boom and arm cylinders, while all cylinder tubes and rods are protected by a spring type steel plate. A unique Kingpost component is attached via a single bolt to make it more durable. This also reduces vibrations and ensures fewer wear gaps in a critical area of the machine.

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