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The most compact machine you’ll find of its kind, the ViO17 can also be both the narrowest and widest, thanks to its variable undercarriage. This means it’s also the most stable. It also leads the field in other important areas, thanks to its monoblock chassis for robustness, and three pumps which allow it to generate the most power of any comparable machine. Exceptionally durable, the ViO17 is also surprisingly easy to maintain.


The zero-tail swing ViO17 is the perfect choice for working in tight areas such as urban renewal, grading or landscaping. The machine upper frame slews within its track width, allowing you to focus fully on the tasks to perform. Additionally, cylinder guards come as standard to offer maximum protection and minimize unnecessary downtime.


Adapted to suit a variety of applications, the ViO17 now comes with the option of a long digging arm to improve its working range. To further increase its range of applications, an additional counterweight of 83kg is now available. Coupled with its variable under-carriage, the ViO17 boasts an outstanding stability. Finally, 4 tie-down points are now available on the track frame to make it safer to transport.


Powered by a ViPPS hydraulic system, which cumulates the flow of separate pumps in order to obtain the optimal combination in terms of speed, power, smoothness and balance, the ViO17 guarantees smooth and simultaneous
operation of working movements, even while traveling. Combining performance and capability with efficiency and low fuel consumption, the ViO17 adopts Yanmar’s TNV series engine platform. The Stage V-compliant 3-cylinder direct injection engine offers impressive power and classleading performance



With an operating weight of 1,830kg, variable undercarriage (955-1,280mm) and optional additional counterweight (83kg), the ViO17 ensures optimum stability and outstanding flexibility to suit every application. The ViO17 features an extendable undercarriage with reduced clearance between sliding parts, which prevents soil build-up.


Durable, dependable and rental tough, the ViO17 has been designed to excel in even the toughest environments. All cylinders are protected by a spring type steel plate, which reduces drastically the Total Cost of Ownership of the machine. Structure of the chassis and durable steel covers provide bulletproof
resistance. The large counterweight protects against possible shocks and friction against the walls.


The excellent accessibility to engine components from the hood allow for easy and quick daily maintenance checks. The seamless disassembly of side panels offers a straight and quick way to other key components (hydraulics, radiator, etc.).
The battery and fuse boxes are located in a lockable compartment under the operator’s seat to maximize security, while ground-level access removes the need for specialist equipment.

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