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Looking for high manoeuvrability? The V70S is compact in height, width, length and turning circle. It also comes with a lifting frame that can slew 90 degrees to each side, so you can work at right angles to the travel direction. That’s great on tight urban sites. For stability, only the rear axle oscillates, keeping all four wheels in constant contact with the ground. And there’s a Smart Control operating system with a display that mimics your smartphone.


If you operate in tight environments such as urban construction sites, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve applied our legendary compactness to the V70S. Every dimension is a class leader. The V70S is just 2,660 mm high, 1,780 mm wide (excluding tyres) and 5,090 mm long. And there’s a smart turning radius of only 4,160 mm. These dimensions make the Yanmar V70S a highly manoeuvrable wheel loader and one that gets around the usual logistics problems created when moving from job to job.


We’ve built the V70S with small construction sites in mind. We’ve ensured the lifting frame on the V70S can be slewed 90 degrees to either side without stopping. This means you can work at right angles to the travel direction. When you add this to the total steering angle of 80 degrees afforded by the articulated steering, you’ll enjoy a generous operating range of 260 degrees. And if you fill ditches or parallel-load trucks, you’ll appreciate the swing loader function.


Articulated steering makes for better reliability and better stability. All four wheels point in the same direction, so you don’t damage lawns or pavements. You’ll save on tyre wear with the short turning radius. And on small sites, the articulated steering is highly manoeuvrable, with its 40° steering angle. This also enables the bucket to approach loads head on, even at full lock – great for picking up pallets or setting down loads in small spaces.


With other loader manufacturers, the whole rear end oscillates. That’s bad for stability, as the weight of the machine isn’t moving in the same direction as the bucket. The V70S fixes this problem, as only the rear axle oscillates. This has the additional benefit of increasing the pressure on the ground when backing up. This oscillating rear axle has a wide slewing angle of 10°, which keeps all four wheels on the ground at all times, even on the roughest terrain.


We’ve built a highly environmental engine, yet the 4TNV98C four-cylinder turbocharged diesel also offers 6,000 hours of usage without any scheduled maintenance on its diesel particulate filter (DPF). You’ll also enjoy tough and reliable power and best-in-class fuel consumption. This is the cleanest engine in its class and comes EU Stage V-ready. Cooled exhaust gas recirculation and the DPF are offered as standard. And you’ll enjoy maximised performance with the direct injection and common-rail technology.


It’s never been easier for a construction machine to precisely set itself up for individual drivers and then remember their settings. That’s thanks to our Smart Control operating system, which is simple to use because of its tiled smartphone look. It comes with a 3.5-inch display that shows machinery and engine data. The windscreen domes inwards to minimise the mirror effect. We also offer a keypad with extra-large keys to make life even easier.


At Yanmar, we build our machines for humans and that’s reflected in the V70S cabin, chock-full of driver-comfort features that lead to greater productivity and less stress. It all starts with noise and vibration damping and it’s ROPS/FOPS-approved. You’ll see more and cause less damage on-site with the large windows, and a door on each side of the cabin provides great ventilation and makes for better communication. There’s adjustable hydraulic suspension on the operator’s seat for further driver comfort.


Loads of power coupled with low fuel consumption to protect your bottom line sounds like the perfect storm. That’s what the hydrostatic travel drive delivers in the V80. Moving between jobs, you can expect to achieve 20 km/h on the road. If you want to get there quicker, we have a high-speed version available that will deliver up to 36 km/h.


Independent hydraulics systems make for faster, smoother working with the V70S. The third-section hydraulics are independent of the transmission hydraulics and can be used for the hydraulic quick coupler and common work tools. Choose the additional control circuit (fourth section) for operation of special attachments which require hydraulic oil flow. The fourth section is also available with an optional high flow function. Whichever system you’re using, a joystick thumbwheel makes electrical proportional activation of hydraulic functions simple. Fingertip control also allows you to regulate the oil flow with real precision, all the way from zero to full.


You can improve the cycle time of digging and loading operations by slowing down the loader while keeping the engine rpm up. You can achieve this with the brake inching pedal, which makes fine-tuning of the hydraulic performance possible. The brake inching pedal also prevents wheel spin and avoids excessive tyre wear.

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