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The V100 wheel loader is the full compact package. It’s space-friendly in every dimension: height, width, length and even turning circle. Adding to this manoeuvrability is the articulated steering, with its 40° steering angle that allows the bucket to approach the load in a straight line, even if the machine isn’t lined up. That’s great for built-up locations. Total stability is assured with the oscillating rear axle that keeps all four wheel on the ground at all times.


If you work in confined spaces such as urban construction sites, you’ll love the compact nature of the V100. It scores in every dimension, measuring just 2,765 mm high, 1,850 mm wide and 5,320 mm long. It also comes with a remarkable turning circle of only 4,465 mm. These compact dimensions make the V100 extremely manoeuvrable and easy to transport from job to job, without the complex logistics of larger loaders.


Looking for reliability and stability? The V100 comes with an articulated steering function that also delivers lots of manoeuvrability, with its 40° steering angle. This allows the bucket to approach loads head on, even if wheels are on full lock. So it’s ideal for picking up or setting down where space is restricted. There’s stability in the wheelbase, with all four wheels pointing in one direction, which also protects lawns and pavements. And the short turning circle prevents tyre wear.


Safety and stability are priorities at Yanmar and all four wheels of the V100 are in constant contact with even the roughest terrain, thanks to the oscillating rear axle’s wide slewing angle of 10°. Unlike with some manufacturers, only the rear axle oscillates. This means the bucket and the weight of the machine are always moving in the same direction. This in turn increases the pressure on the ground when backing up, for added stability.


Now you can lift loads quickly and precisely without having to constantly adjust the loading angle. You can achieve that with parallel kinematics. It’s our own system that takes care of the stroke angle. So all you need to do is focus on precisely where you want to set down your load. It will optimise work cycles when loading and unloading the second row on a truck, preventing the tilt-control lever from colliding with the body of the truck.


Our state-of-the-art engines offer less displacement and fuel consumption, and more torque and power. On the V100, we offer a transversely mounted engine that provides easy access for maintenance and acts as a counterweight. The latest Yanmar 4TNV98C four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine with cooled exhaust gas recirculation and diesel particulate filter is fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly and fully-compliant with EU Stage V emissions legislation. Direct injection and common rail technology increase performance.


Save time, save money with Yanmar’s Smart Control system. Your loader can set itself up for individual drivers and then commit their settings to memory. The Smart Control operating system couldn’t be easier to use: if you’re familiar with the tiled interface of smartphones, you’ll be at home here. The 3.5-inch display clearly shows machinery and engine data, while the windscreen domes inwards to minimise the mirror effect. A keypad with extra-large keys completes the setup.


At Yanmar, we build our loaders around you. That means offering driver comfort and convenience that make for greater productivity. That’s why the cabin comes equipped with noise and vibration damping and is ROPS/FOPS-approved. Large windows offer better visibility to make job sites as safe as possible, while a door on each side of the cabin offers great ventilation and allows for communication with colleagues on both sides. For added comfort, we’ve installed adjustable hydraulic suspension on the operator’s seat.


The perfect loader would deliver plenty of power while allowing you to reap the business benefits of low fuel consumption. We achieve that in the V series of loaders with our hydrostatic travel drive. When you move onto the next job site, you can expect to achieve 20 km/h on the road. If you want to arrive sooner, ask us about our high-speed version that will achieve up to 36 km/h.


The third-section hydraulics work completely independently of the hydraulics for transmission and can be used to operate the hydraulic quick coupler and common work tools. Use the additional control circuit (fourth section) for operation of special attachments which require hydraulic oil flow. The fourth section is also available with an optional high flow function. In each case, the electrical proportional activation of hydraulic functions is simple thanks to a thumbwheel on the joystick. Fingertip control also allows the operator to regulate the oil flow with real precision, all the way from zero to full.


Slow the loader while keeping the engine rpm up to improve the cycle time of digging and loading operations. That’s what the brake inching pedal achieves, making fine-tuning of the hydraulic performance possible. The pedal also avoids excessive tyre wear and prevents wheel spin.

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