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Versatile, powerful and adaptable, the SV17VT is designed to excel. Combining performance and capability with efficiency and low fuel consumption, operators benefit from outstanding productivity.

Thanks to ergonomic, ground-up design, the cab is comfortable and intuitive, while a state-of-the-art engine and innovative hydraulic system sees the impressive excavator deliver the outputs of a much larger model.



Despite its compact dimensions, the SV17VT delivers high levels of productivity and performance. Perfect for trenching and landscaping work in tight urban areas or at residential properties, operators benefit from a short turning radius at the front and rear, combined with a wide boom swing amplitude to the left.
Efficient and lightweight, the innovative model boasts a transport weight of just 1,570kg/1,660kg (canopy/cabin), meaning it can be easily towed between work sites, along with buckets or a light work tool, on a standard 2.5 tons GVW trailer. Four tie-down points on the track frames (standard) and four on the turning frame (optional) make transport preparation simple.


Durable, dependable and rental tough, the SV17VT has been designed to excel in even the toughest environments. Thanks to blade cylinder protection as standard, routing hydraulic hoses inside the boom and the upper position of the boom cylinder itself, operators benefit from maximum protection and minimum downtime. To further improve protection, bucket and arm cylinder guards can be specified as optional extras. Collectively, these features ensure a low total cost of ownership.


Adaptable to suit a variety of applications, the SV17VT is available with the option of either long or short digging arms and levelling blades. Unique design means that the wide boom swing amplitude distribution further extends the working range of the excavator, ensuring ultimate efficiency and performance for the operator.


Delivering outstanding stability, even on challenging terrain, the SV17VT features a shaped steel extendable undercarriage with reduced clearance between sliding parts, preventing soil build-up. Adaptable to the task in hand, this makes the excavator perfect for a wide range of applications. Optimum stability, optimized weight distribution, ultimate reliability.


With digging forces of 9.9/16kN (short arm/bucket), traction force of 12.8kN/8kN (first/second speed) and two travel speeds (2.4 or 4.8km/h) controlled via the blade operation lever, the SV17VT delivers the power and performance of a much larger model.
Thanks to the implementation of a ViPPS hydraulics system, with double variable displacement, piston pump and gear pump, operators benefit from a maximum hydraulic flow and pressure of respectively 52.8 l/min and 210 bars – outstanding capability at your fingertips.


Thanks to its ergonomic layout and unique design, the SV17VT provides a comfortable and practical working environment for the operator. The easy-access cabin features excellent visibility, fully-adjustable seat and a state-of-the-art LCD control interface as standard.
A track frame layout featuring three bottom rollers ensures a comfortable and stable ride, while clever arrangement of the control pedals, levers and switch boards further improves


As with every Yanmar excavator, safety has been prioritized throughout design and build. Alongside ensuring 360° visibility from the operator seat, the innovative excavator features powerful LED work light and an orange seatbelt as standard. Flashing green/orange beacons, travel alarms, additional work lights and seatbelt sensor can be specified as optional extras, alongside a front polycarbonate protective shield for the canopy model. Fully-customizable to suit the task in hand, the SV17VT harnesses the latest technologies to keep the operator safe on site.


To minimize the time taken to complete daily checks, the SV17VT has been designed with service accessibility firmly in mind. From a wide engine compartment hood (providing easy access to the powertrain), to easily dis-assembled side and cabin floor panels (ensuring easy access to hydraulic components, fuel/hydraulic tanks
and the radiator), clever arrangement improves simplicity and reduces intervention time.
The battery and fuse box are located in a lockable compartment under the operator’s seat to maximize security, while ground-level access removes the need for specialist equipment.

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