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For a highly compact excavator, the SV08-1C is packed with all kinds of features designed to make your life easier. To start with, it really is exceptionally compact, meaning it can be used almost anywhere, inside or out, and is easy to transport.

Yet it’s also flexible and highly stable, capable of smooth operation even under the most demanding circumstances. A high performance engine, advanced hydraulic system and fast, easy maintenance ensure optimal productivity, while an array of safety features delivers real peace of mind.



The extended undercarriage ensures smooth movement, even on rough terrain, along with excellent stability at all times, particularly frontal steadiness. For extra manoeuvrability, the undercarriage retracts from 840 mm to 680 mm. A special feature is the reduced clearance between sliding parts of the undercarriage extension mechanism, which ensures that soil or debris won’t accumulate underneath. The extendable blade ensures easy and quick operation while safeguarding all moving parts.


The SV08-1C is ideal for operation in confined environments and is particularly suited for indoor tasks such as renovation or demolition, because it can easily access narrow areas and drive through almost any doorway. With the undercarriage completely extended, the machine overhang is only 305 mm. The minimum front swing radius, with boom swing, is 985 mm, while the rear swing radius is just 725 mm. The overall machine width, with retracted undercarriage, has been reduced to 680 mm. Finally, for easy transport, the ROPS protection structure can be folded back.


The upper frame has been manufactured from a single casting to provide improved stability and greater durability, however demanding the work environment. The balanced weight distribution provides even more stability, even with heavy loads or attachments, which makes the SV08-1C ideal for demolition tasks. Variable flow axial pumps regulate the pressure flow according to the load, thereby ensuring smoother operation. This and the external flange to reduce vibrations when moving deliver greater comfort for the operator.


Driving the SV08-1C is a Yanmar diesel engine that has excellent exhaust emission performance. The hydraulic system is powered by a double gear pump that enhances the machine’s productivity and speed in working motion, delivering great precision in the hydraulic manipulator. For further accuracy, there are three separate pedals for the 3rd hydraulic circuit (PTO) and boom swing. The optimal combination of excavation power, arm length and long operating cycles guarantees exceptional productivity at all times.


For easier maintenance, the large bonnet provides quick access to the engine and main components. Simply remove the steel protection on the left side to access the filter. Double lateral roller supports ensure that there will be less wear to the crawlers, while a large counterweight perfectly protects the rear part of the machine. In every case, components are designed for fast access and easy maintenance. This optimises reliability, durability and performance, even in demanding environments, resulting in lower total cost of ownership (TCO).


Extremely durable direct controls are an important plus of the SV08-1C, while a lever locks the four main functions of the machine and ensures that the operating seat can be accessed and left safely. The control system features a safety alarm and there’s a safety bar in front of the main control console. The rear blind spot has been reduced to a minimum to help protect anyone nearby. In addition, the machine is fitted with a ROPS protective frame as standard.

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