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Single Drum Rollers

It’s hard to know what the next job will bring: Clay, sand or something in between? Will it require traditional compacting methods or will you have to adjust amplitude and frequency because of sensitive surroundings? Either way you will need a roller that produces. Ammann Soil Compactors provide industry-leading compaction outputs – whatever the application. Your job-site conditions might change, but you will always have a need for productivity and performance.

The extraordinary safety, excellent compaction performance and modern design guarantee high efficiency and best results under even the toughest working conditions. High compaction quality and minimal number of passes provide the best economic benefit to the owner.

  • Hydrostatic all wheel driver concept aides low centre of gravity
  • Preset operating speed guarantees optimum intervals for effective compaction
  • Double bearing articulated and oscillating joint
  • Optimally balanced front frame and drum for consistent compaction
Model Weight (kg) Drum Width (mm)  Centrifugal Force (kn) Model Weight (kg)Drum Width (mm) Centrifugal Force (kn)
 ASC30 4100 1200 85  ASC130125102130230/300
 ASC50 4320 1400 100  ASC150145802130237/325
 ASC70 7140 1680 130/145  ASC170162702130260/335
 ASC90 8820 1680 145/160  ASC200259202240300/400
 ASC110 11490 2130 206/277  ASC250305002240340/460
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