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If your dumper can’t get to the job site, it’s useless. That can be a problem in bad weather or with low ceilings, soft ground or steep slopes. So welcome to the Yanmar C50R-5ATV crawler dumper. Its length of 4.65 metres makes it easy to turn wherever you are, ensuring this a high-flotation, all-terrain carrier will work where other dumpers can’t. Manoeuvrability? It’ll spin-turn 360°, while the seat and travel levers turn 180 degrees together. That means you’re always facing the direction of travel. And you’re always in control.


We’ve made our name with compact carriers and the C50R-5ATV is highly compact for its class. Even though it’s only 2.2 metres wide, you’ll still be able to transport 3,500 kg of waste and materials. So you simply eat up very small jobsites. At just 4.65 metres long, turning is also easy, even in snow and mud, and you can spin-turn 360° for increased machine efficiency, greater operator productivity and all-round safety.


The C50R-5ATV comes with a turning vessel that’s mounted on a frame that turns 180°. That means you can dump material while driving along a trench and get close enough to be able to work productively, while still allowing enough distance for safety. A mudguard prevents material from falling out of the vessel and damaging hydraulic components or getting into the operator area.


Stalling engines can hamper your productivity and increase operator stress. But not with the C50R-5ATV. The HST transmission comes with an anti-stall feature, so the machine can turn smoothly through 360° in just seven seconds without stalling, thanks to automatic hydraulic pressure adjustments. This gives you great manoeuvrability, supreme driving comfort and better productivity. And, equipped with our latest engine, the C50R-5ATV comes with an added reserve of power that’ll blast through rough ground, whatever the conditions.


Downtime can really affect your productivity. But not with the C50R-5ATV. It comes with a hydraulic auto-tensioning system for the tracks. This suppresses all track-tensioning maintenance and reduces cost-of-ownership. We’ve also protected your investment with track rollers mounted on free-moving carts; this extends the life of the undercarriage and improves operator comfort. And because comfort equals productivity, we’ve also opted for wide track width, which further improves turning ability.


We’re the leading manufacturer of diesel engines, so the C50R-5ATV gets the latest technology. That means direct injection for clean-burning power. It means fully-electronic engine control. And it means a common-rail system to electronically fine-tune the fuel injection. A large fuel tank reduces refuelling downtime, while eco features include a diesel particulate filter to clean up exhaust emissions and selective catalytic reduction to purify gas and reduce nitric-oxide emissions. The auto-idle function helps you save on fuel.


User experience is at the centre of our operations. That’s why the C50R-5ATV has a reversible seat console and operator seat and travel levers that turn 180°. So you’re always facing the direction of travel. That’s great for comfort, safety and visibility. But it also improves productivity and cuts the risk of damage on site. High-precision, long travel levers are servo-assisted, so they need minimal effort. The result? Less operator fatigue and more work done.


Continuing the comfort theme, we’ve improved things for operators by modernising the look and feel of the C50R-5ATV’s cab. There’s plenty of space, even for legs, and a suspension seat comes as standard. We’ve added a gas cylinder to the front windshield linkage for easy opening and closing and better operator comfort. We’ve even remodelled the instrument panel so that all switches are grouped close to the LED screen. That makes for better operator visibility, better safety and more productivity.


Getting instant information about machine status, errors and warnings can make for less downtime and greater productivity. That’s why we’ve equipped the new C50R-5ATV with new electronic instrumentation. A large LCD monitor keeps tabs on the most essential information. If any component malfunctions, warning icons immediately alert you. You’ll also be informed about automatic diesel particulate filter maintenance.


Because health and safety is critical to how we work, we’ve designed the cabin to meet roll-over protective structure (ROPS) and falling object protective structure (FOPS) level 1 certification. But that’s not all.

  • There’s a protective grid behind the cabin.
  • All maintenance items are reachable from the ground.
  • Safety treads and rails offer safe access to the engine.
  • We’ve protected the undercarriage to prolong its life.
  • We’ve applied intelligent hose routing for less downtime.

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