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Our B95W wheeled excavator is an efficient, productive performer that can take on work that fazes far-heavier machinery. It comes with a huge lifting capacity and a precision hydraulic system that allows you to position heavy loads with ease on construction sites. It’s ergonomic to use and comes with a range of boom options and three steering modes. And, with a road speed of 36 km/h as an option, it’ll whisk you smartly to your next job.


The B95W can tackle work normally reserved for much-heavier machines. It’s a nine-ton wheeled excavator that offers enormous lifting capacities and a precise hydraulic system that can transport and position heavy loads with precision. It’s an excellent machine for moving materials and has great applications in road construction and horticulture, where the grab bucket is especially useful for loading trucks.


Wheeled excavators can be great on site, but getting to the next job can get overlooked. Not at Yanmar. We give you a top speed of 36 km/h as an option, a variable drive system, low fuel consumption and a comfortable cab. So moving to the next site is fast and effortless. No need to worry about logistics. There’s also safety in the hydrostatic travel drive, which works as an additional braking system, and an additional accelerator pedal for delicate machine movements.


Stability with the boom at full extension can be tough to get right. But thanks to the B95W’s unique axle design with 14° pendulum angle, minimum tail swing, laterally installed engine and low centre of gravity, you’ll enjoy class-leading stability, especially for craning work.


While we can’t offer you a totally bespoke solution, the B95W does come with a range of boom options that suit precise operator applications:

  • Two-piece articulated boom (2,000 mm dipperstick) – for digging work and precise movement of heavy loads.
  • Two-piece articulated boom (2,200 mm dipperstick) – even greater reach and excellent working range.
  • Circular boom (1,650 mm dipperstick) – for tight urban jobsites.
  • Offset monobloc boom (2,000 mm dipperstick) – extra articulation between chassis and excavator arm for trenching over, around and next to obstacles.


As an optional extra, there’s a steering mode for you whether you’re on the road to the next job, working on restricted urban job sites or needing to move sideways.

  • Front-wheel steering (for roading)
  • All-wheel steering (small turning circle for tight job sites)
  • Crab steering (for parallel movement).


Being relaxed and comfortable reduces stress and contributes to productivity. At Yanmar, we always put the operator first when we design our machines. On the B95W, that means providing a spacious and comfortable cab with a fully adjustable seat console that moves independently. You’ll also enjoy using the central data display, with its seven-inch anti-reflective tiled screen that mimics a smartphone and also serves as a monitor for the B95W’s reversing camera.


Engine emissions are a key concern these days. Environmentally, the B95W engine leads its class. It’s an EU Stage IV/EPA Tier 4 Final engine. Exhaust gas after-treatment reduces emissions by up to 90%, including nitrogen oxides (NOx), hydrocarbons (HC) and fine dust. This is down to an improved combustion and injection system and a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). With four independent hydraulic circuits, the B95W can also take attachment tools such as a sorting grab, asphalt cutter or cutting unit.


As an operator, you’re always looking for ways to make marginal gains over your competition. The B95W can help. It comes equipped with Yanmar’s Smart Control operating system as standard. With this, you can match excavator power with precise job-site application. It’s a flexible system that boosts productivity, optimises cycle times and guarantees outstanding performance.


What’s your sector? Landscaper? Civil contractor? Utility professional? Or local government worker? We can tailor the B95W with features configured to meet your own specialist needs. There’s a range of options on offer – you can build your perfect bespoke B95W by choosing your own colour scheme, boom, blade/tyres, buckets and hydraulic attachments. This is anything but ‘one size fits all’.


Nobody wants downtime, but servicing can put your machines out of action for days. Not so with the B95W. Maintenance is manageable. We’ve integrated the central electrics into the main service compartment. We’ve made relays and fuses accessible from the ground. We’ve ensured we can open the service door without tools. All hydraulic components can be found under the cab, so no tilting is needed. And our SmartAssist-Direct diagnosis tool alerts our engineer to maintenance and fault diagnostics.

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