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Yanmar’s compact short-tail wheeled excavator is ideal for confined working conditions. The B75W offers a digging depth of 3,500 mm, a digging force of 38,000 N, a reach of 6,990 mm and a dumping height of 5,050 mm. These are class-leading figures that give you maximum efficiency for excavating, pipelaying and groundworks. Four independent control circuits allow operation with all sorts of attachments and a 14° axle swing gives you stability even on rough ground.


Excavating, pipelaying and groundworks in tight city sites can be difficult, but not with Yanmar’s B75W wheeled excavator. It’s an ultra-compact machine that offers a digging depth of 3,500 mm (TPA boom), a digging force of 38,000 N (at bucket edge), a reach of 6,990 mm (TPA boom) and a dumping height of 5,050 mm (TPA boom). These class-leading figures are ideal for urban jobsites, highway construction projects and landscaping.


Moving from one job to another can be a costly and sometimes complex operation. With the B75W, however, you get a top speed of 36 km/h, a variable drive system, low fuel consumption and a comfortable cab, so moving sites is effortless. It’s also safe, thanks to our hydrostatic travel drive, which works as an additional braking system, and a joy to drive with its additional accelerator pedal for delicate machine movements.


Stability gives you confidence and makes you more productive. With the B75W, you get class-leading stability. It’s there in the unique axle design (with 14° pendulum angle), in the minimum tail swing, in the laterally installed engine and in the low centre of gravity. That’s particularly true of craning work, even when the boom is fully extended.


The B75W comes with a two-piece articulated boom as standard for great manoeuvrability and flexible articulation. You can extend the excavation radius with an optional longer dipperstick (1,950 mm). However, working on city sites, you’ll need a tight swing radius to avoid hitting obstacles. That’s why we can also fit the B75W with a circular boom that reduces the front swing radius by 46%. The result is a low turning circle of just 2,960 mm, almost half that of competitor machines. With either option, you can thereby be more efficient and productive.


The B75W can beat any kind of adverse weather or tough ground, thanks to innovative design and class-leading ground clearance of 420 mm.

Three steering modes

As an optional extra, you’ve a choice of three steering modes, making life easier for you whether you’re driving to the next job, working on tight job sites or needing to move sideways. Front-wheel steering is perfect for regular driving, All-wheel steering gives you a small turning circle and Crab steering offers parallel movement. You can even choose the perfect tyres for your needs: single (reducing machine width to 1,985 mm), low-pressure, twin or wide.


When you’re comfortable, you’re more productive and less stressed. That’s why we’ve firmly put the operator first on the B75W. The cab’s spacious and comfortable, with a fully adjustable seat console that moves independently. The central data display is a joy to use, mimicking the smartphone with its tiled look. You’ll get comprehensive system information at a glance on a seven-inch anti-reflective screen that also doubles as a monitor for the B75W’s reversing camera.


What should an engine be? Fuel-efficient? Environmental? A good performer? The latest Yanmar 4TNV98CT four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine is all of these. It comes with cooled EGR and DPF as standard and it’s fully-compliant with EU Stage V emissions legislation. You’ll get class-leading performance from the direct-injection common-rail technology, while optional auto-deceleration that automatically adjusts to the correct braking pressure puts you firmly in control.


Imagine being able to match excavator power to the precise job at hand. That’s what you can do with the B75W’s Smart Control operating system. It maximises productivity, optimises cycle times and guarantees outstanding performance.


Servicing can mean downtime. But we’ve made maintenance manageable on the B75W. That means integrating a service bar containing the central electrics into the main service compartment. It means offering ground-level access to relays and fuses. It means being able to open the service door without tools and integrating an extending ladder. It means no tilting, with all hydraulic components located under the cab. And, with Yanmar’s SmartAssist-Direct diagnosis tool, the engineer automatically receives maintenance information and comprehensive fault diagnostics.

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