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Ultra-tight turning, exceptional flexibility and unmatched compactness make this machine the right choice for densely populated areas and restricted urban sites. A unique three-piece boom offers the best dumping and digging heights in its class, together with exceptional stability. The powerful 53.5 kW TNV engine comes with electronic controls and offers exceptional performance and fuel economy. Operators also benefit from a spacious, ergonomically designed cabin, with many luxury touches fitted as standard.


The B7∑-6 is the most compact excavator in the 8-10 ton class and is a true zero tail swing machine. It has a complete swing radius of 1,320 mm, which is 34% less than comparable machines with an articulated boom. Its transport dimensions are just 5,850 mm x 2,270 mm x 2,680 mm and it’s so compact that the operator can perform a complete 360° turn in a traffic lane just 2.7 meters wide, helping to reduce traffic congestion. This makes it an ideal choice for jobsites in densely populated areas and urban sites with limited space.


The Yanmar Sigma boom is a three-piece offset device which offers the smallest turning radius, an increased lifting performance, and optimal visibility across the working zone for the operator. The Sigma boom has several other big advantages as well, offering the best dumping height and digging height combination in its class, combined with extraordinary digging depth. When working in narrow trenches with the boom offset, the second part of the boom does not strike the left-hand shoring plate, as tends to occur with traditional excavators.


Even with an attachment fitted, the dipper stick can easily manoeuvre around or get under an obstacle, thanks to the overall flexibility that’s at the heart of the design of this machine. The second articulation of the boom provides the offset on lateral movement of the workgroup and attachment without having to rotate the upper frame. This offers enormous gains in both productivity and visibility for the operator.


The B7∑-6 has exceptional stability due to its unique boom design, since the pivot point of the boom is located close to the centre of gravity of the machine. This makes this machine the optimal tool for lifting and placing loads in high-level situations. In addition, it’s equipped with the patented VICTAS system. This unique track design is the key to an offset rolling path that enables the excavator to lift challenging loads with increased performance, while still being the most compact machine in its class.


The advanced 53.5 kW TNV engine developed by Yanmar meets all EU Stage V emission requirements, thanks to cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) which drastically reduces nitrogen oxide emissions, and a diesel particulate filter (DPF) that ensures cleaner exhaust emissions. Other eco-friendly features include direct injection for cleaner burning power, with a common rail system that delivers fine-tuned control. In addition, an exclusive regeneration system combats clogging and reduces cleaning down-time.


Full electronic control gives the engine intelligent power and manoeuvrability, with drive motors automatically shifting up or down depending upon the effort required. This provides the operator with the best solution in terms of speed or pushing force, making operation easier. The eco-mode function reduces motor speed by 300 rpm, thereby reducing fuel consumption. If the operator doesn’t touch the operating levers for four seconds, the engine drops back to idle, further saving fuel, while also resulting in less noise and fewer emissions.


The machine is equipped with a ViPPS hydraulic circuit with aggregated power regulation from three variable flow piston pumps and a multiple combination directional control valve. The pumps engage automatically depending on the operation being performed, providing greater ease of use for the operator. The combination of the pump flows helps increase work speed while also ensuring smooth and simultaneous performance across all operations, even while the B7∑-6 is travelling.


A lot of thought has gone into the operator station to ensure both greater comfort and productivity. Both the width and the length of the cabin have been increased to deliver an exceptionally roomy interior, while the noise levels inside are surprisingly low. The air suspension seat is standard and can be adjusted in multiple ways by itself, or simultaneously with the consoles, a feature normally found only in large excavators. This allows the operator easily to find their optimal working position. Other pluses include air conditioning, secure document storage, and a radio with USB port.


For daily maintenance, there’s an easy-to-open engine bonnet, with the right-hand side cover mounted on one hinge for quick opening. This allows access to all major elements, including the air filter, radiator, refuelling pump, battery, fuel tank, hydraulic oil tank and so on. The fuses and relays are located under the seat and are thus easily accessible. The diesel particulate filter (DPF) and diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) are both maintenance-free, while the soot filter (SF) only needs to be cleaned after every 3,000 hours of use.

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